Frecuently Asked Questions

What type of paper do I use?  Paper choice is person preference. Glossy paper and sticker paper (for drink label) is recommended for the best quality. Glossy paper is available in stores such as office depot, staples and online at amazon. 

What size paper do I print on? For all files print on a 8.5×11 sheet. 

How do I seal my items? Any adhesive will work. I recommend using a tape runner, double sided tape or a glue gun. 


What is digital? Digital items are offered for certain items. Your custom label will be e-mailed for you to print and assemble. It is a great way to save money but requires you to put in some work.  

Where do I print my labels? Print at home or your local printing company such as kinkos, fedex, office depot, staples or ups. I recommend printing at a place that offers self serve printing. 

Where is my digital file? Please see current turn around times on the home page. If it has been longer please check your spam/trash folder. If you’re still having issues please email 

I printed my labels but it doesn’t fit? Please make sure you purchased the right size for each item. Each listing should show what size package the label is made to fit. Another reason could be is your printing orientation. For example you’re suppose to print with printing orientation landscape and choose portrait instead. The label size will change! Another reason for it not fitting could be scaling! Do not scale any files! These are made to fit each item perfectly. Scaling will alter the label size. Pls email if you need assistance. 

Why do I need to input a shipping address for a digital order? For items that give the option for digital and shipped items you are asked to input a shipping address. The only reason it ask is because our system can’t tell the difference if it’s digital or shipped.

What is the difference between instant downloads and custom items? Instant downloads are available immediately. It is not editable and cannot be customized like custom items.

Why haven’t I received my instant download? Files are sent to the email I register at checkout, so be sure to enter a valid email.

I received my download but don’t know how to assemble? Please email We are here to help and can provide step-by-step instructions.

I don’t see a theme or favor I like. Can you create one for me? YES! Sometimes we already have the theme but haven’t listed it. If we do not have the template for the favor you would like we can create one.