Welcome to Kary designs. This is a platform where I translate my ideas and imagination into my printable designs.

I have always liked making designs for children’s parties. Especially as mom I know how difficult it is to find an unusual design in a store and that is why I make those designs myself.

Many of my clients are mothers or event organizers or pastry chefs, the printables get them out of trouble.

I started with my etsy store, with one or two products, but after I was a mom I couldn’t work outside, so I thought about why not make printable designs and here I am showing my creations on my website.

I love the comments that clients tell me that their party was beautiful with my printables, that they could not find what I offer elsewhere and that makes me feel very happy, knowing that my printables made a party that they will never forget.

Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you can find what you are looking for, if you cannot find it you can write me an email and I will create it for you. Have a great day.